Paper Hand Towel, 10"

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Paper Hand Towel, 10"

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Pre Med hygiene paper hand rolls are suitable for minimising patient-surface contact, and is suitable for wiping down dentist chairs, baby changing mats, GP tables, surgical tables, salons and general nursing care. Will fit in most standard dispensers and is available in blue and white.

  • Ideal for First Aid rooms
  • For a wider couch roll, we recommend our hygiene couch rolls code PCR - they conform to the industry standard of 500mm wide and are also available in blue and white.
  • Makes cleaning surfaces easy - simply throw the used towel away after wiping down
  • Absorbent and strong premium quality 2ply paper to reduce the risk of soiling expensive chairs or tables
  • Very economical, and individually wrapped for improved hygiene
  • Easy perforated tear for individual sheets if required
  • Couch roll dimensions: 250mm wide (industry standard), 40m long. Available in blue and white
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1 - 1 of 9 results